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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Out of Balance

Posted by Lou on November 16, 2015

From AFSCME International:


Sign the petitionRight-wing billionaires are pushing a Supreme Court case called Friedrichs v California Teachers Association that could make it much more difficult for public service workers to come together, speak up, and get ahead.

This would have devastating effects on public service workers across the country, AFSCME members in particular.

Sign this petition to raise awareness about how wealthy special interests are continuing their attacks on working people.

In a nutshell, Friedrichs seeks to eliminate something called fair share fees, which nonmembers contribute towards the cost of negotiating and enforcing strong contracts that make it easier to support our families. As all public employees enjoy the benefits, job security and other protections our union negotiates, it is only fair that all employees contribute to the cost of securing those benefits and protections.

It should be no surprise that this effort to weaken public sector unions like ours is being funded by corporate CEOs and wealthy special interests.

Enough is enough! We need to tell America what’s happening. Sign this petition telling the Center for Individual Rights to stop attacking working people.

Giving working people the ability to speak up together through their unions leads to a balanced economy and fair wages for all workers. When we speak up together with one voice we get better pay, better benefits, and ensure a better quality of life for all our families.

Amy Hendrick
AFSCME Digital

November updates

Posted by Lou on November 13, 2015

Hello all,

Last month, we had a general membership meeting, at which we had a chance to talk to General Treasurer Seth Magaziner about our pension fund investments. It was very informative and Mr. Magaziner gave some insight into recent performances, investment strategy, and also provided information about finding data on If you have questions about the meeting or information discussed therein, please contact an executive board member.

A preliminary Local 2881 2016 budget has been drafted and approved by the executive board. A meeting will be held in December to present the budget to the membership, however, time and date are still to be determined.

The Local 2881 holiday party will be held of Friday, December 4. Full details can be found in the flyer that was emailed to all employees last week. You can also see that flyer here.

Finally, our friend Ted Siedle will be in Rhode Island next week. The Retired Teachers Association is hosting him for a seminar at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick on Wednesday. Seats are still available, but sign up is required in advance. See the RIRTA website for details:

Friedrich v. CTA

Posted by Lou on September 21, 2015

Brothers and Sisters,

If you haven’t heard about the the largest attack on public sector unions, now is the time to educate yourself. Friedrichs vs. the California Teachers’ Association is being heard by the Supreme Court, and outcome will directly affect the future of unions as we know it. That is not hyperbole, but honest fact. Council 94 sent out the following message recently:

Dear Member,

Wealthy/Corporate special interest groups are determined to destroy labor unions. The United States Supreme Court will soon hear a case that could threaten your contract and union. Please click here to read a great summary of Friedrichs v. CTA.

To prepare for the upcoming fight-

1. Sign up for the AFSCME Strong program by talking to your local union president, steward, or executive board member.
2. Follow Council 94 on twitter @ric94AFSCME
3. Receive text alerts on important issues. Text RI to 237263.

I will keep you up to date as developments occur.

Thanks for your continued activism and support.

In solidarity,
J. Michael Downey

Please take a second to read the article. We will be bringing more information to the membership in the near future.

Local 2881 Executive Board petition

Posted by Lou on August 2, 2015

Brothers and sisters,

Please take a moment to read and sign the petition to prod the SEC to investigate the investments in our pension fund the link is:

Please share this link with your family and friends, too. This issue should be of concern to all Rhode Island taxpayers.


Summer Outing

Posted by Lou on July 8, 2015

Brothers and sisters,

In case you haven’t heard, the announcement for the 2015 Summer Outing was recently released. We’re going back to an old stomping ground: Yawgoo Bakes! The date of the party is Friday, July 31, and the festivities start at 1pm. Lunch and dinner will be served, and music will be played by Bob Schmidt. All Local 2881 members will be granted 2 hours of Administrative Leave to attend the outing (i.e., if you use 2 hours of Administrative Leave, you must attend the outing).

See the flyer here.

Interesting articles related to pension funds

Posted by Lou on June 28, 2015

There have been some interesting articles regarding pension funds over the last few weeks. Take a look and tell us what you think in the comments below! Or better yet, share some of your favorite articles with your union brothers and sisters!

International Business Times: For Rhode Island Taxpayers, Alternative Investments Have High Cost

Wall Street Journal: Rhode Island’s $2 Billion in ‘Preventable Losses’ in Alternative Assets

New York Times: When Private Investment Firms Give Retirees the Short End

Go Local Prov: INVESTIGATION: Investment Firms Not Sharing Vendor Discounts with RI Pension Fund

Don’t forget to read the investigation into our pension fund performed by Benchmark Financial Services and submit a complaint to the SEC requesting an investigation into potential violations.

June updates

Posted by Lou on June 17, 2015

Hello brothers and sisters,

It’s almost summer, and we have a couple of updates for you.

1) The 2015 Local 2881 Scholarship program is kicking off. Flyers should be arriving at your house shortly. If you do not receive one, you can download it here. if you have any questions, contact Lou Maccarone.

2) We will be having a general membership meeting next Wednesday, June 24 at 4:20pm in the 3rd floor cafeteria of 235 Promenade Street. Items on the agenda include the Ted Siedle pension report, the scholarship program and the summer outing.

Local 2881 Executive Board

Ted Siedle’s pension fund investigation

Posted by Lou on June 7, 2015

Brother’s and sisters,

Ted Siedle’s investigation into the Rhode Island State Employees’ pension fund has been completed and published. Please take the time to read the document and send it to other interested parties, as well as you state Senator and Representative.

Local 2881 Executive Board