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Monday, May 25, 2020

Pension links

Posted by Lou on May 5, 2016

Brothers and Sisters,

There have been a bunch of links to articles about pensions be sent around among our membership lately, so it makes sense to post them here.

It looks like one of the nation’s largest pension funds could be cutting benefits for retirees. The part of this article that really hit home with me was:

For many workers, the promise of a [pension] — a benefit now nearly extinct for younger generations — was at times strong enough to convince them to sacrifice pay raises or other job opportunities.

Locally, Ted Siedle takes the Governor to task regarding investment returns from her former employer’s hedge fund, Point Judith Capital in a recent article on And posts a brief article talking about how the pension fund lost money by investing with Point Judith Capital, while the Governor continues to earn her share of management fees paid to the fund.

How does this make you feel? What should union members be doing to combat these issues? Let us know in the comments below.



One Response to “Pension links”
  1. Ann Leamy says:

    The people who are handling our pension should be getting the best investments for our dollars . They instead are benefiting Wall Street hedge funds with absorbadent fees. Gina R. Is also getting the benefit from the Venture Capital funds.
    The state should also be making sure the pension is funded which they don’t have to do.

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